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Instill Curiosity with Crafts Instill Curiosity with Crafts
According to research released by the Hobby Industry Association (HIA) in August 2002, hands-on craft activities actually help elementary school students learn better and retain more. Click here for expert information and craft ideas.

Drug Free Drug Free
Teenage curiosity about drugs is nothing new, but drug dependency can lead to conflict and consequences with family, friends, and the law. Click here for an expert's advice.

Self Confidence Self Confidence
We wish we were born with all the self confidence in the world, but that isn't always the case. How do you help your kids be more resilient and glow with confidence? Click here to read more about boosting your child's self confidence and independence when they are away from home.

Time Issues Time Issues
Sometimes we just need a night off. How can we be good parents if we are worn out at the end of each day? Talk to your spouse and your children and find out the best way to solve your time issues. Click here for some time tips.

Our kids may expect us to know everything, but sometimes we need help from the experts.

Child Health
Health advice especially for your kids.

Day Care
Day care advice for first time parents.

Family Health
Health tips for families of all ages.

Family Safety
Nothing is more important than your family's safety!

Fertility and Conception
Hoping to get pregnant soon? Catch the facts to maximize your chances for conceiving.

Financial Planning
Don't be scared by Bonds, IRAs, dollar signs and formulas! Catch easy-to-understand financial planning for families.

Just For You
You gotta take care of you! Parenting topics especially for you.

Don't pull your hair out! We've got parenting advice for every day challenges

Catch the latest recalls—toys, clothes, walkers and more.

Hurray! They're off to school! But you miss 'em and wonder what they are up to.

Special Topics
Skim through a variety of special topics—from planning a party to helping kids cope with trauma.

Toddler Advice
Diapers, tantrums, potty training—oh, my!

Toy Experts
Get the scoop on toys! Get the Toy Tips® ratings for what's hot, safe and fun.

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